To view copies of the consent solicitation documents please click on the documents below:

Consent Solicitation Statement

Pemex Finance Consent Solicitation Statement

Consent Solicitation Memorandum

Notice of Meeting for the 6.375% Guaranteed Notes due 2016

Commencement Press Release (June 3, 2014)

Extension Press Release (June 18, 2014)

Expiration Press Release (June 18, 2014)

Notice of Results of Meeting (25 June 2014)

Notice to Holders of Consent Fee Payment (2 July 2014)

Contact Information:

Information and Tabulation Agent

In New York:

In London:

D.F. King & Co., Inc.
48 Wall Street, 22nd Floor
New York, New York 10005
Attention:  Krystal Scrudato


D.F. King (Europe) Limited
11th Floor, Citypoint
1 Ropemaker Street
London EC2Y 9AW



Global Coordinator and Solicitation Agent

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC
1585 Broadway, Floor 04
New York, NY 10036
United States

In the United States:
U.S. Toll-Free:  800-624-1808
Collect:  +1-212-761-1057
Attention:  Liability Management

In Europe:
Attention:  Liability Management Group

Solicitation Agents

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith

In the United States:
1 Bryant Park, 8th Floor
New York, New York 10036

U.S. Toll-Free:  888-292-0070
Collect:  +1-646-855-8988
Attention:  Debt Advisory

In Europe:
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch International
2 King Edward Street
London EC1A 1HQ
Tel:  +44-20-7995-3715 / +44-20-7996-0867
Attention:  John Cavanagh / Karl Bystedt Wikblom

Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.

In the United States:
60 Wall Street
New York, New York 10005

U.S. Toll-Free:  855-287-1922
Collect:  +1-212-250-7527
Attention: Liability Management Group

In Europe:
Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch
Winchester House
1 Great Winchester Street
London EC2N 2DB
+44 20 7545 8011
Attention: Liability Management Group

Principal Paying Agent for the 6.375%
Guaranteed Notes due 2016

The Bank of New York Mellon, London Branch
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 5AL

Swiss Paying Agent (for securities
denominated in Swiss francs)

Credit Suisse AG
Sales and Trading Services
Transaction Advisory Group, ZUGG 2
Uetlibergstrasse 231
8070 Zurich
Telephone:  +41-44-333-28-86
Facsimile:  +41-44-333-57-79